Detect the browser Window Size with Reactjs Hooks

This Hook is useful to get the current size of the browser window

  • Use the useState() to initialize the windowSize State variable to the first call of getSize(). The getSize() method will return an Object containing the window's width and height .
  • Use the useEffect() Hook to set your new State with the help of setWindowSize() and the EventTarget method addEventListener()
  • Don't forget to remove your listener in the return Statement of the useEffect
  • The Empty array at the End of the Useeffect Hook ensures that effect is only run on mount and unmount
const getSize = () => {
  return {
    width: window.innerWidth,
    height: window.innerHeight,
const [windowSize, setWindowSize] = useState(getSize());

useEffect(() => {
  const handleResize = () => setWindowSize(getSize());
  window.addEventListener("resize", handleResize);
  return () => window.removeEventListener("resize", handleResize);
}, []);

Live Demo

Maher Gallaoui

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