Build a Reactjs Switch Toggle Component

Renders a toggle component.

  • Use the useState() to initialize the isToggleOn state variable to false.
  • Use an object, style, to hold the styles for individual components and their states.
  • Return a <button> that alters the component's isToggledOn when its onClick event is fired and determine the appearance of the content based on isToggleOn, applying the appropriate CSS rules from the style object.
function Toggle(props) {
  const [isToggleOn, setIsToggleOn] = React.useState(false);
  const style = {
    on: {
      backgroundColor: "green",
    off: {
      backgroundColor: "grey",

  return (
      onClick={() => setIsToggleOn(!isToggleOn)}
      style={isToggleOn ? style.on :}
      {isToggleOn ? "ON" : "OFF"}
ReactDOM.render(<Toggle />, document.getElementById("root"));

Live Demo

Maher Gallaoui

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