How to build a counter Application in Reactjs ?

In This Tutorial we will build a simple Counter application in Reactjs, applying many of the concepts and theory that we saw before.

a demo will be found on Codesandbox

we will show the counter inside a <div> element and a few Buttons to increment the counter .

<div className="App">
  <Button increment={1} onClickFunction={onClickFunction} />
  <Button increment={5} onClickFunction={onClickFunction} />
  <Button increment={10} onClickFunction={onClickFunction} />
  <Button increment={15} onClickFunction={onClickFunction} />

after that we will create the Button component where we will pass the increment Values and the onClickFunctions

const Button = ({ increment, onClickFunction }) => {
  const handleClick = () => {
  return <button onClick={handleClick}>+{increment}</button>;

the Button Component has two elements the increment and the onClickFunction when then Button is clicked, the clicked Value will be added to the counter, for that reason we use a simple useState hook to store the value and set the new one when a button is clicked . Here is a demo.


Maher Gallaoui

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