How to Sort an array in Javascript

One of the Classic Tasks in a Life of a Developer is to sort something .

Lets begin with the first Example , if you want to sort an array alphabetically, you can use the built in sort() function .

const names = ["first", "third", "second"];
names.sort(); //  ["first", "second", "third"]
names.sort().reverse(); // ["third" , "second" , "first"]

when working with an array of Integers we need to use the Optional compareFunction that comes with sort(). It specifies a function that defines the default order. In other words, we need to provide this function ourself.

Given two elements a and b being compared in comparedFunction, if the result is less than 0, a comes first. If the result is greater than 0 , b comes first

const numbers = [55, 33, 32, 2, 4, 33];
numbers.sort(); // [55,33,32,2,4,33]
numebrs.sort((a, b) => a - b); //[2, 4, 32, 33, 33, 55]

Maher Gallaoui

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